"ARARAT-73". (Part 8,08.07.1973)

"Ararat" - the winner of the first cycle.
In the final tour of the first cycle "Ararat" played against CSKA "at home". It was a match between two teams which scored the first two places in the fixture list consequently the cost of the victory was high enough.
In case of success "Ararat" would have 4 more points than CSKA and would confirm its position as a leader. And the defeat would considerably make the situation tense in the upper parts of the fixture list,
though "Ararat" would again become the winner of the first cycle.
It is worth mentioning that CSKA has been the most "uncomfortable" rival for "Ararat" in the Soviet Championship until 1970. "Ararat" didn't manage to win CSKA. And only in 1970, "Ararat" managed to win CSKA , in Moscow; it was the 19th match between these two teams. And the roles were changed after that success. "Ararat" won the next four matches, held in 1971-72, with an aggregate result - 5:0.
And the tradition wasn't broken this time; CSKA lost its match again (0:1) and was unable to score a single goal. By the way, it was the sixth match of the goalkeeper of "Ararat" without being scored a single goal. And this was also due to the defenders, who acted in a confident and serious way.
Because of bad weather CSKA arrived in Yerevan right in the morning of the match day.
Either it was fatigue or the absence of desire to take a risk that made the guests act in a full defensive way. Even Fedotov was acting as a defender more that as a forward.
Because of individual and total control of players "Ararat" didn't manage to play well enough in the first half. Lack of combinations was greatly felt; most of the players were acting individually and they didn't make use of both left and right sides. Only 4 shots by Zanazanyan in the first half are worth mentioning. In the second half Bondarenko was substituted by Andreasyan. The latter hadn't trained himself for a long time after getting an injury in the match against "Shakhtar" in Yerevan, June 13. As Arkadi Andreasyan states, it was an unexpected step for him made by Simonyan. But during the break, the players had come up to him and asked to play and help the team. And, of course, Andreasyan couldn't refuse his friends. But long-term lack of training and practice "played" a black joke on him. But we will speak about it a little bit later.
And the second half began with massive attacks of CSKA. Two shots on goal by Fedotov were really very dangerous. Andreasyan's appearance in the field had a great positive impact on the play of "Ararat". And soon "Ararat" scored its goal. At one of the attacks of "Ararat" Khisamutdinov made a mistake passing the ball to Pogosyan. And the latter immediate passed the ball to Margarov and Astapovski was unable to catch the ball. 6 minutes later "Ararat" had another great chance to score. Ishtoyan an Khazaryan left the goalkeeper behind and the goal seemed to be inevitable, but right at the last moment the defender Utkin saved his goal with an acrobatic jumping. 11 penalty shot was trusted to Andreasyan which would enable him to become the leader in top scorer's list. Andreasyan, who always played perfectly, failed this time, the shot was high enough. But, fortunately, that failure didn't have a negative impact on the final result of the match. To tell the truth, CSKA had a chance to make draw, but it was again a great save by Abrahamyan. And at the end of the match Zanazanyan and Andreasyan didn't make use of their chances to score.
So, winning this match with 1:0, "Ararat" became the winner of the first cycle with 20 scores. "Ararat" was a head of "Dinamo" M., "Shakhtar" and CSKA with 4 scores. The leadership of the Armenian players was not debatable. The vivid evidence of it were the scores of the team. "Ararat" had celebrated most of the victories (9), scored most of the goals (26). "Ararat" was the best in the struggle for the following prizes; "The best balance" (+16), prize "After Fedotov", "Aggressive guest" (7 points) and Arkadi Andreasyan came second with 7 goals after Michael Bulgakov (8 goals), six of which were scored by 11 penalty shots.
Summing up the final of the first cycle Victor Dubinin had written the following about "Ararat" in "Football-hockey" newspaper; "Today "Ararat" desires to be the first. They have preserved the inner potential and have a great chance to make their position firm in the struggle for gold medals. "Ararat" has been a classic team since 1971. Though they didn't become champions that year, but they left bright trace in the championship. During the last two years the team not only preserved, but also improved its play style. "Ararat" makes use of left and right sides best of all, where it has master players. This team stands for its efficiency of attacks, the list of the players is stable, and it has also substitutes, who can turn the wheel of the match to their side if necessary.

Only Victory

Before the start of the second cycle of the championship, "Ararat" played against the champion "Zarya" in USSR Cup ? final.
On the Eve of the match Nikita Simonyan spoke on TV and answered Georgi Sarkisyants's questions. The question was the following: "How do players feel themselves as leaders?" Simonyan answered: "The players feel quite normal, and the fans have become ambitious; and we hadn't played against CSKA yet, they already kept asking us how many goals we were going to score against "Zarya". I am asking them to wait, first we have to win CSKA, and only then start thinking about the match against "Zarya".
Due to its great matches "Ararat" made the fans demand only victories from them. Simonyan's request to his players was to solve the problem of getting the card of admission to semifinal in the first match against "Zarya" in Yerevan. It is to be mentioned, that "Ararat" was about to solve that problem, but they couldn't make use of their good chances to score. Only the third attack was successful. Sergei Kouznetsov commited a faul against Khazaryan. Andreasyan kicked the penalty shot, passed the ball to Margarov, who shot the ball, which was first saved by Forkash, but Ishtoyan, who was in a perfect position, scored a goal. Later on Zanazanyan and Ishtoyan missed their chances to score again. At the end of the half "Ararat" managed to make use of its rival's mistake. Zanazanyan "robbed" the ball, passed it to Ishtoyan, and the latter, in his turn, addressed it to Margarov and the central forward scored his goal. Though there were a lot of dangerous moments, but the score didn't change.

Andreasyan's triumphal goals

The first match of the second cycle "Ararat" played in Tashkent. The start was successful for them. It was still the 11th minute of the first half when Poghosyan opened the score with a great shot. Then the rival took the initiative. One of their attacks was finished with a perfect kick by Lisakovski. And at the end of the first half the captain of the team Abdurahimov scored the second goal for "Pakhtakor".
The risk to be defeated made "Ararat" make decisive steps. And, as it had frequently happened at the championship, "Ararat" managed to "change the stream of the match". They exercised pressure on "Pakhtakor". Andreasyan played a decisive role in the final success, and his two goals brought victory to "Ararat". What is more interesting is, that during the radio broadcasting from Tashkent, the commentator announced wrong authors of the goals by mistake, stating the names of Margarov and Ishtoyan, but in the evening, the fragments shown on TV came to prove that the scorer was Andreasyan and he again the first in the top scorers' list. After this victory "Ararat"'s previlage over its rivals reached up to 5 scores. It seemed as no team could reach "Ararat". But the most difficult matches were still to come...

15 Tour

"Ararat" - "CSKA" - 1:0 (0:0)
July 8, Yerevan "Hrazdan" stadium, 66.000 fans.
Referee - V. Fardman.
"Ararat" - Abrahamyan - 5, Gevorgyan - 5, Sargsyan - 5, Kovalenko - 5, Mesropyan - 5, Poghosyan - 5, Bondarenko - 5 (Andreasyan 46-5), Ishtoyan - 5 (N. Petrosyan, 80-5), Margarov - 5, Zanazanyan - 5, Khazaryan - 5.
CSKA - Astapovski - 3, Utkin - 4, Babenko - 4, Istomin - 4, Kaplichni - 4, Khisamutdinov - 3, Dorofeev - 3 (Polikarpov, 72), Telinger - 3 (Kopeikin, 55-3), Fedotov - 3, Shlapak - 4, Dudarenko - 3.
Scorer - Margarov (51).
Andreasyan didn't score 11 penalty shot in the second half.
Substitutes - 3:0
Scorers - S. Petrosyan, Grigoryan.
"Torpedo" - "Dinamo" Tb. - 1:0
"Dinamo" M. - "Zarya" - 2:1
"Zenith" - "Dinamo" K. - 2:1
"Pakhtakor" - "Spartak" - 1:0
"Kayrat" - "Dinamo" Mn. - 1:0
"Shakhtar" - "Karpats" - 3:1
SKA - "Dnipr" - 2:2, 6-5 by 1 penalty shots.

USSR CUP, ? final.

First matches
"Ararat" - "Zarya" - 2:0 (2:0)
July 11, Yerevan, "Hrazdan" stadium, 62.000 fans.
"Ararat" - Abrahamyan, Gevorgyan (Bondarenko, 42), Sargsyan, Kovalenko, Mesropyan, Andreasyan, Poghosyan (N. Petrosyan, 65), Ishtoyan, Margarov, Zanazanyan, Khazaryan.
"Zarya" - Forkash, S. Kouznetsov, Maligin, Pinchuk, Vasenin, Zhuravlyov, V. Kouznetsov, Belousov, Morozov (Pavlov, 70), Kuksov, Popov (Kopi, 65).
Scorers - Ishtoyan (2), Margarov (33).
"Dnipr" - "Spartak" - 0:0
"Dinamo" M. - "Chernomorets" - 3:0
CSKA - "Dinamo" K. - 2:0

16 Tour

"Pakhtakor" - "Ararat" - 2:3 (2:1)
July 15, Tashkent, "Pakhtakor" central stadium, 36.000 fans.
Referee - N. Krilov (Kuybishev).
"Pakhtakor" - Govorov - 3, Yafarov - 3, Shtern - 3, Basov - 3, Golikov - 3, Korchyonov - 3, Varynkhin - 3, Feodorov - 3, Abdurahimov - 4, Lisokovski - 4 (Ivanov - 75), An - 3 (Ivanov, 46-3).
"Ararat" - Abrahamyan - 5, Bondarenko - 5, Sargsyan - 5, Kovalenko - 5, Mesropyan - 5, Andreasyan - 5, Poghosyan - 5, Ishtoyan - 5, Margarov - 5, Zanazanyan - 5, Khazaryan - 5 (N. Petrosyan - 73).
Scorers - Poghosyan (11), Lisakovski (17), Abdurahimov (30), Andreasyan (76, 87).
Substitutes - 2:3.
Scorers - Belov, Martajiev, Babayan, Minasyan, Zh. Khazaryan.
"Spartak" - "Shakhtar" - 0:0, 5:1 by 11 penalty shots.
"Torpedo" - CSKA - 2:2, 3:4 by 11 penalty shots.
"Dinamo" M. - "Zenith" - 1:1, 5:4 by 11 penalty shots.
"Dinamo" Tb. - "Kayrat" - 3:0.
"Zarya" - "Karpats" - 4:1.
"Dinamo" K. - "Dnipr" - 5:2
"Dinamo" Mn. - "SKA" - 1:1, 5:4 by 11 penalty shots.